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Well... today was the day!!
Here's my new baby!

I was only able to put about 30km on it this afternoon before it started raining. i'm not confident enough yet to start riding in the rain. hehe. So I garaged it. I'll be out again tomorrow though! I'm so stoked!
I was surprised how well mannered it is. This being my first bike after all. I can't wait for the rain to clear up and go out practice some low speed cornering. I leaned too much a couple of times after stopping at a stop sign and then making left turn and had to give 'er some gas to straighten it up. Other than that it was a pretty good first outting. I took my MSF a couple of weeks ago. It was a big help.
Anyways, I finally have my R6. I'll be polishing it and taking some stickers off it tomorrow. :)

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Very jealous!! This has been the longest 2 weeks of my life. Mine looks identicle to yours and Im getting it next week.(so long as the loan papers arrive soon enough!!)

JUst like you its my first roadie as well so im a little shaky about bootin it straight away. But theres no way to explain to people what 8000 rpm onwards is like.

Is your an 02? cant really tell from the front. Congrats mate. look after it it looks like a minter.

BRAD :party
Hey Brad, this one's an '03. The '02's, at least in Canada, didn't have the Gatling headlights. That's really the easiest way, I find, to tell.
Thanks guys. :) I'm just takin her out for a little gas now and a clean/polish. Damn showroom fingerprints!! :)

I waited a couple weeks too. It was awful. LOL :cuss
when I got mine I had to wait two weeks.....it was the longest two weeks of my life......but I'll be DAMNED if it was not worth it :boob
My wait was SOOOO worth it!
I snapped a couple of pics today.

I logged about 100miles today. I think my hands are going to fall off! The meaty part where my thumb hooks on my hand is the worst. lol

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Thanks! I am definitely enjoying it! The night I took it home, I was thinking to myself "WTF was I thinking getting a bike this powerful as a first bike!?!?! AM I MENTAL!??!"
But after a few days on it I think i'm starting to get the hang of it. hehe
Well....I am jeolous
Here i ride an FZR600 as my first sportbike
And you jump on a brand new, state of the art R6
Enjoy......invest in some frame sliders
GOD forbid you tip it over in a parking lot
I know i did when i first started riding
I'll get my R6 soon enough
OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SO LOVE THIS BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:jump :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump :jump
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Don't be jealous dude. :boob
A buddy of mine just bought a Hayabusa as his first bike. Brand new! I think. Now that's a lot of bike if your speed happy. LOL
I've been pretty lucky thus far, I haven't had any real scares on it... yet. hehe *knocks on wood*
I've just started taking it on some twisty raods yesterday. 650km so far. :)

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unless your friend has years of experience then getting a busa as a first bike is worst than the six for a first bike... I'm not trying to hate, I just think 1300cc as a first bike is a hellaofalot of cc.

The rule goes:
Those who ride will go down
and those who have gone down will go down...again.
No worries, man. :)

There's 2 kinds of riders... those who have dropped their bike and those who will.
That's another one. hehe
Very nice bike man I got an R6 in May this year, it's been ten yrs since my last one an old Yamaha 350 ypvs O' how things have changed :mrgreen:

Keep the rubber side down m8
:dog :scared
I can't believe you guys get to ride 600 supersports or worse Busa's straight away. What r you Cycle road tolls for noobs like? In Australia its 2 years on 250's first. L's then P's. Im sure glad i had the learning experience. Even though i did get the fastest 250 legal, an imported ZX-2R. I did manage to drop it learning still. Colllarbone smashed, Shoulderblade snapped and 3 ribs. Good luck.
Here, in Nova Scotia, after you take your MSF course, you can't ride after dark, have a passenger or get any tickets for a month. After that, yer all set!

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