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WTB: 2004 R6 various race/stock parts

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So had a lil mishap this weekend at BHF. Nothing wrong w/me just sore in a bunch of places and soon-to-be in my wallet. Basically what I need for certain are subframe, speedo, brake reservoir and reservoir stay (need 2 actually), engine wiring (for ecu, pc3, etc;NOT for headlights), PC3 (2004 body, 2005 engine if it matters), yosh slipon

Might also need race fairing stay (may have a spare), ECU (dunno if it still works)

I am willing to trade, have a few spare things laying around that I want out, mainly L/R stock lower plastics in blue, sliders, headlight assy (broken in 1/2, 1 good lens), stock front seat, tire warmers, rain tires, MAYBE race plastics separately sold, and windscreens stock and sportech

[email protected] for contact
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