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WTF is wrong with my bike now?!?

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So after replacing my battery a SECOND time (bike worked fine for a month, then it would sporadically not start on me...but only if I'd already been out riding and had turned it on/off a few times running errands or whatnot), my mechanic thought we had a fix and the issue was just a bad battery. I ride an '03 R6, btw...

Well, everything seemed fine for a bit, charging system seems good, bike turns over the first time, every time, idles around 900-1100 rpm typically, and so on.

Now, however, it seems that when I ride long enough to warm the bike up sufficiently (like 15 minutes +), if I make a stop and turn it off, then start her up again before she cools down (i.e. sits for a few hours) she idles real low...around 500rpm, maybe even less...sometimes kinda bouncing between 300-600, sometimes just hovering around 500. She doesn't die completely, but I've been afraid that she might on several occassions. I cannot for the life of me figure out wtf is going on with this damn bike, and why she is treating me like this after everything I've done for her. Aside from cosmetic upgrades, all she has is a Micron slip-on and braided lines, so I can't imagine it's anything related to performance upgrades. I feel like she really is a woman, complete with mood swings and PMS. I've become so annoyed that I'm thinking about selling/trading her for a Honda as I never had any issues with my previous one...but she's so f'ing sexy that I don't want to let her go.

Please, someone help...I don't want to break up with her, but I'm afraid I might not have any choice if I have to keep living like this. :(:confused::mad:
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Your bike is a vehicle not a girl you wont be "breaking up" with it. Its probably an alternator or something. Try taking it to a legit mechanic.
So the problem is a low idle? So raise it up!! lol
When you put on the slip the bike will idle lower due to less backpressure, I believe. Mine did.

You should have a small idle adjustment knob .... twist it up to idle higher.
and you have to adjust the idle when the bike is fully warm. twist the nob a little bit, give it gas, wait for the rpm's to drop and repeat until you get it right
mmm...sounds like those braided lines are playing with the idle somehow...

j/k - have you done the ignition coil swap that almost every 03 model has had problems with? Mine started doing it all of a sudden and my mechanic tried everything he knew to fix it. It wasn't until I found out that everyone else was having problems and it was a recall issue with Yamaha in the US (silly buggers didn't think it was an issue in Oz). They will make the idle bounce all over the place and do other weird things while riding or sitting at lights etc.

If that's not it, sounds like the idle or perhaps you just need to get your carbs synchronized.

Good luck mate.
:hehe i bet your bike is the only girl, you dont wanna go down on....
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