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I'm looking to trade my 1990 240sx S13 Hatchback with a swapped SR20DET motor with some upgrades for a R6 or a good starter bike.

I bought the car in January as my first car, my friend knew this kid who flipped his red S13 Hatchback in which had a blacktop SR20DET motor in it, my friend had bought the SR motor in hopes to build his own 240. After stumbling upon a amazing deal for a S14 he had nothing to do with the motor so I picked up this black shell that was pretty mint for $300 without a motor. After two months of pulling the motor and doing some research we finally got the SRDET motor in. Now's where the problems began, we had trouble getting the car to start, after the first crank it didn't want to start. After we got everything straightened out I put brand new vaccum lines on it and it was doing pretty good. I put the temperaroy plates on and tried to take it for a ride, it was having trouble shifting gears. I got it around the corner and poof, it wouldn't shift into any gears with the car on and running. I'm currently still having the issue, I've been told that in order to fix the issue I must install a new clutch in which I have purchased and just needs to be installed. Some of the other issues it's having is cutting fuel, might not be enough in the tank but when you go to romp on the gas it cuts out, Walbro 455 hp fuel pumps are very cheap for these cars, they're like candy.

Aftermarkets :
Engine : SR20DET Blacktop w/ z32 MAF
Intake : GReddy (Trust) AirNX z32 MAF Intake Kit (Have Receipt)
Unknown FMIC (Bought Used) w/ Custom Intercooler Piping.
Turbo: GT2871RS w/ Longer HKS Waste Gate Actuator & Larger Waste Gate.
Transmission: SR20DET Transmission w/ Brand New Stage 1 F1 Spec Clutch (Not Currently Installed)
Suspension: Front & Rear Strut Tower Bars
Exhaust: 3" Turbo-back Exhaust System

Motor History :

Now I hate when I post this becuase I have no creditability due to the fact I don't have the receipts but, according to my friend who purchased the motor and some of the folks that street race in my state the word on the street is that this motors internals are not stock, it's beating cars it shouldn't be and I know for a fact that the kid who previously owned the vehicle isn't the best at driving a standard (tis the fact I have to change the clutch). The kid purchased the motor straight from Japan and we believe that the person in Japan had built themselves a sleeper. Like I said, I hate to post things without proof but I feel its helpful.

Some issues :

As I stated in my story, I'm still having the clutch issue in which when the vehicle is on it will not shift through any gears although when the vehicle is off it will go into gears. As I was told, replace the clutch and the throwoutbearing and life is gravy, I have the clutch. If you're truely interested I'll get the clutch installed for you after you purchase/trade for the vehicle. Also, the vehicle is running pig rich, with the z32 MAF the ECU is being told that it needs more fuel to compensate for the air being forced into the motor, all that is needed is a Apex'i SAFC (Air Fuel Controller) and a little adjusting and it will run prime.

The S13 hatchbacks are the lightest model out of all of the 240sx, it makes a perfect drift car becuase it is in perfect weight balance. As some extras, I have a welded diff for the car, stock exhaust, and the KA Transmission Bellhousing and more then likely some other random parts.

Please forgive me for not posting pictures yet, I've been busy with work and finishing up highschool. The vehicle is worth close to $4500-5000, it may seem high to some but for the tuner enthusiast its worth it, I paid $5000 and some change for the motor and a bike equal to that amoutn would be appreciated. I'm not just looking for an R6, a new model streetbike (beginner size 600-750) would be nice. Thank you for your intrest and I'm giong to do my best to get pictures posted as soon as I possibly can. Any questions, feel free to ask I would love to answer. Thank you again!

Any questions - please feel free to ask!
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