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Y-Pipe Stock Exhaust

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I've searched the forum and only a few options for y pipe manufacturers being MJS and M4 I believe amongst other info. Does anyone know a good store to order from online? Even on eBay I had little results. My ride is currently a 2007 r6. Any help is appreciated forum!
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Just call up MJS and order from them.
Did you visit any of the forum sponsor websights? Motomummy, Indysuperbikes, Sportbiketrackgear, they all sell it just to name a few.
I have yet to visit them, will be shortly. I was also curious are these the only companies offering these products? Does Yosh or Leo Vince? Thank again forum.
Also I have a flashtune done to my bike via forum member "toysr4boys" Will I be needing another tune or can I alter myself?
If you alter your exhaust with the removal of the underbelly muffler, yes, I would say you could stand to dial it in with another flash tune. Is it absolutely necessary? Not IMO but I'm not a professional tuner. Can you do it yourself? Sure if your understanding and have the equipment...I know I couldn't.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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