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Well i was out riding this weekend, went out with a friend and his friend from work. well this one strip along the beach in quincy, wallaston beach, my friend's friend was popping wheelies up and down the strip (dumb ass). and sure enough someone called the cops. well on the way back to my friends house we turned off the strip, they were well ahead of me. i turned off and there was a cop behind me, i didn't see him. came to a stop sign, i slowed and didn't stop, rolled through it and then came the blues, oh ****! my friends took off when they saw the cop, i pulled over.
he gave me a lecture on how we were screwing around on the strip and someone called him down there, and i ran the stop sign. i told him that i was not doin anything wrong on the strip (i wasn't) and that i did run the stop sign, i also told him that i didn't knowhe other two guys on the bikes, that i was just on my way to my friends house around the corner. well thankgod he gave me a wanrning and went on my way.

from the storiesive heard from my friends, cops are usually dick heads to us riders. well this guy was stearn, but fair i guess and let me off. there are some cops out there that are not assholes. he could have given me a ticket which i was sure he was going too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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