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$650 OBO + Shipping unless picked up local Houston, TX
Of course this is USED

I am selling my 2008 Yamaha OEM Liquid Silver 2008 Fairing kit with the headlights.
The OEM "YAMAHA" decal at the bottom of the lower fairing was removed. All the flat black you see on the lower fairings, nose, headlights, and underside tail are plastidipped. Thats easily peeled off. There is a little peeling of the plastidip in some places but overall it looks pretty good for my first plastidip job. The lower left side, right side and nose all have a race replica decal kit on them. I was just experimenting with the plastidip so of course when you peel that all black plastidip the decals will come off with it. That will leave you with a nice clean liquid silver body with no decals on it.
In my pics I have posted some before and after the plastidip. I will throw in the OEM signals, rear OEM big ass plate mount thing, rear signals and the OEM tail light.
I can say the body out of 1-10 is about a 9. The previous owner took care of this thing.
Dont want to piece this out just yet.
I will seriously consider trading for a racing fairing kit. Depends on the condition of the kit of course. I'm selling this to buy one anyway.
All offers considered, considering you arent tryin to play me like a dope fiend. LOL!!!
What you are getting is:
  • Left upper and lower side fairings
  • Right upper and lower side fairings
  • Rear tail upper and underside WITHOUT the rear seat lock.
  • Ebay rear seat cowl cover. The color doesnt quite match but you have to look pretty hard to see the different. The fit is ok, not the best but what do you expect for flee bay.
  • Front fender
  • Front nose cowling left and right. No windscreen.

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