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Hey all. I am new to this forum and i love it so far. I will be getting my first street bike sometime around next week. I am very excited and i really cant wait. I am kind of upset that i missed the 0/0/0 deal that yamaha had. It expired the 5/31/2008. I really liked that idea because i am a student right now and summer is out so i am working every day. I figured if i work all summer without having to make payments on the bike, i can easily save up money to pay for it later.

Anyways, does anyone know of any good promotions or does anyone know if any promotions will be coming out soon? I mean if a new promotion is expected in 2 weeks i will be willing to wait it out so i can get a good deal.

Thanks in advance guys!!

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don't waste your time on yamaha promotions, they are designed to make you pay double the bike's worth
think about it

99 dollars for the first 2 years, YAY. you buy a bike for 9500 dollars and pay the 99 dollars a month. after 2 years you have paid 2400 dollars. woo. now you still owe 7600 dollars on the bike. guess what, your APR jsut went up tog 22%. you INSTANTLY owe 8800 dollars again, and guess what, paying that 99 dollars a month will pretty much allow you to end up paying over 14k for the bike.

go to a credit union, get a personal loan, walk into the dealer with cash. credit union's will keep your apr the same, you pay the same amount of money every month for 3 years and the bike's paid off. don't do the yamaha card, its complete bs.

plus, if you are that worried about not having to pay for the summer, you might want to re-think shit. gear and insurance will easily run you 2 grand in the first 2-3 months.

its really not in your best interest to buy a brand new bike.

i don't know the whole story, but it really doesn't seem like you have your duck's in a row.

plus, i don't really understand how you want to work all summer, but not pay for the bike, so you can pay for it later.....

you should just stay in school and get your diploma, then get a job and THEN do it the financially better(correct) way.
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