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FYI, I love my gyt-r full system! Before installing my PC3 i could feel a gain in torque right away. The PC3 cleared up some lean spots and cured the 5000rpm surging. Real smooth. Going to be making a custom map here soon and finally seeing what i can pull out of it. Construction is also alot more quality than in years past. Rivets have been replaced by allen head screws etc.. Real nice. Medium to loud sound, but it's lower toned, and not raspy. Not exactly sure on who produces the pipes for yamaha under the GYT_R name, but have heard rumors of Muzzy, and White Bros.

Also, the full system pictured on the website and in the catalog is not what you get. I wanted to keep my passenger pegs and after doing some research found that Yamaha started to make a mid/high mount design (which is pictured) but never made it for consumer. You get the race headers, and a standard mount can.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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