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Yup, that's right...I am turning OLD this year, and figured I would do it in style: big, big, big party!

The date is set for Sept 18th, from about whenever to whenever...maybe noon to whenever is more reasonable..

With all the people I have been telling, and since I am posting it on general forums that I hang out on, the "possibility" is there for this to get bigger than someones backyard can handle, so we are going to be out at Grapevine Lake. Not sure exactly where yet, but I will get info out once we figure out exact location.

So come out and plan to eat BBQ, drink a beer or 7 and have some good times. There will be Jeep folks, bike folks, work folks, neighbors....so feel free to bring anyone with ya.

As for me, just bring yourself and something to eat and drink...if you insist on getting me something, cash is good...as I need to up my life insurance as I will be jumping out of a perfectly good plane in a few weeks!!! Or Crown, to aid in the recovery process after the jump.....LOL. Also, I do need a good set of leathers, or a Scotts...LOL

Seriously, come out, no gifts, just food and drinks and good times! Watch here for exact location of party. It will be at Grapevine Lake tho...
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