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Hi all, new r6 owner, i just got an 06 R6s last weekend. i want to get a yoshimura exhaust and was wondering how you guys with yoshis decided between the RS3, TRS, TRC systems?

ive done some searching and tried watching some videos on youtube but still have a hard time determining which to choose.

i found on this site... http://www.exoticsportbike.com/what's_this7.htm
the description of the RS3 and TRS have the same sound quality, but i am stuck at figuring out the difference between those two and the TRC in terms of sound? The TRC is credited to being on "Mat Mladin's championship winning Superbike" but this raises concern to me that the sound is different than the other 2 systems, with no mention of "quality" sound.

ive always liked the sound of the yoshimura, ive had one on both of my previous motorcycles, please give any insight/input so to help me decide
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