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Yoshimura pipe?

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I was wondering how come there is not that many people in this forum with a Yoshi pipe?

I was also wondering if anyone try to custom a Yoshi pipe as a high mount.....now i do know as far as performance this will affect it for sure.

But just wondering if anyone done that before..
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I've got a full Yosh on my '04 R6.

As far as making a "custom" mid-pipe, I say go for it. All of this BS about the mid-pipes being manufactured by scientists is a load of hooey. It's not like your bike is going to blow up because the mid-pipe is 1/32 larger in diameter and 4" longer. I just helped a buddy mount his Micron can to an Erion Racing mid-pipe, as long as it fits let 'er rip !!

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