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Hey, I have an 06 r6 with 15000 km's on it and last summer I noticed stalling on idle, along with reduced power and what I thought was a knocking sound in one of the cylinders. I decided to leave the bike until I dug into the engine to figure out what was wrong.

I just checked the valve clearance yesterday and my intake valve clearance is relatively normal (within 0.12 - 0.19 mm), with only 1 intake valve clearance out of spec (0.102 mm). Now for my exhaust, ALL of my valve clearances are out of spec (0.16 - 0.23 mm)!! In fact, I can't even measure 4 / 8 clearances with my smallest gauge (0.038 mm)!. The other 4 clearances are extremely tight as well (0.05, 0.064, 0.076, 0.064 mm's).

Now I believe this would explain the reduction of power along with the stalling on idle, but my question is has anyone ever experienced this before? I don't have a problem with replacing the valve shims with smaller ones to bring the valve clearance within spec, but is this normal?

I'm not going to lie, I ride it relatively hard, and I use a lighter synthetic ester based oil (motul maxima), and I only noticed this after riding back from Sturgis last year (1600 km's in 2 days). I'm thinking that the long haul was a bit too much for the engine and the valve lifters may have just warped and expanded a bit but I'm just talking out loud here.

Any ideas?
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